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Fatal Crash May 14th on Long Island

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My friend stated that the owner said the car was/is a Factory 5
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Rollbar legs not be visible from cockpit on FFR.
stay safe out there, ya'll.
My guess is Superformance also. I also cannot imagine driving a Cobra with bias ply tires. I wonder how old those tires are. Do bias ply tires have date stamps on them?
Oups. Never mind. The other post about this car stated it was an ERA.
My friend stated that the owner said the car was/is a Factory 5
Welcome to the forum...Your friend is wrong.

Not sure but the outer rollbar leg isn't exposed on a SPF, only the inners.
Also it looks like the radiator leans back. The SPF radiator leans way forward.
Past that no clue.
This certainly is a tragedy.
The post on Club Cobra indicates that there may have been a spectator who jumped out in front of the car and caused the accident (and there was video that showed it but has been taking down). Two victims have been identified as "Both the driver, Daniel Fabrizio, age 58, of Smithtown, and the passenger, Diane Seghposs, age 58, of Smithtown, died of injuries sustained at the scene." Shame, RIP.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts