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I'm starting my teardown and have just advertised part out on Craigslist. Can you assist with providing me fair pricing estimates on what the following components might be worth? I'm good with giving someone a bargain, but don't want to get ripped off:

1990 LX 5.0

Door unit
rear hatch
AC compressor
PS pump
PS booster
front quarter panel

Am I missing any other "in demand" item? There has got to be more that just is not coming to mind now.



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I sold the tail lights on my 89 for something like $10.00 a piece.. I gave away most of the other 18 yr. old stuff. It's hard to get much for 18 yr. old radiators, ps pumps and A/C compressors. I made some pretty good money on the interior plastic parts, seats, steering wheel, etc..

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Go out to corral.net and search the forum there for people selling parts. You can use those prices to figure out what's fair. It's also a good place to try and move some parts. Probably gets more visibility than a local craigslist.
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