I am selling my unfinished 2014 Factory Five Racing MK4 roadster. It is a mainly a new build, with few low mileage SN95 donor parts used(short block with pistons and conn rods, axle housing, diff, T-5 transmission, uprights, brake booster). Only the main components from the kit were optimized but accessories and the blink bits were replaced with better ones. I have also imported quite a few parts from England.

My aim was to recreate an AC build widebody 302 engined mk3, which 50 or so were made in the late 1960s, using Shelby’s big block bodies. With under or underside exhaust (with compact mufflers in front of the foot boxes), no scoop, and tucked in wheels. As I read all worthwhile forums, I have followed the advice's from builders who have finished multiple builds or knew what they were doing.

This project is a few steps away from the finish line, however diesel trucks and boats have been taking all my attention.

Parts still needed: Panhard bar frame bracket, speedometer programmer box, fuel sender(tube type), brakes flex lines, rear shocks 1" extenders, mufflers and side pipes, better equality steering U-joints,
one shorty sparkplug(to clear the header) and few 90° angled spark plug wire connectors.

The kit, shipping and all the additional components cost me well over $30,000 in 2014’s money.
I have all the original documentation, certificate of origin and most of the receipts for the parts(about one inch thick

Dont be fooled by a low starting price of the barebone base kit or so called complete kit. Wheels and tires alone will set you back $3000. Never mind $2300 for the shipping to west coast(I am at 95032). Also, there is a wait time now( as much as 8 month) and kits are delivered incomplete due to supply chain issues.

I may consider selling it with out the power train, if 320HP and 0 to 60 in four seconds is not fast enough.
I can also finish it to a driver stage but I don't do bodywork or paint. At $55 per hour and I can Live Stream On YouTube.

I have an OK offer but I believe it is worth a tad more. Any offer's above $24.000 would be considered.
Many pictures on Google Drive: cobra - Google Drive

My direct email:
[email protected]

Here are the details of this build: I’ll be focusing on major items.

Drive Train:

302 short block with new bearings, rings, ARP hardware, micro polished crankshaft. New GT40p heads with Manley valves and performance springs. SS headers. Hard to come by Ford carbureted b302 cam, Edelbrock performance RPM intake, Holley street performance carburetor with throttle cable conversion, Mallory Comp 9000 distributor, Griffin racing radiator, oil cooler. Jaz 8 Gallon steel fuel cell with bladder and foam, Carter fuel pump. Energy suspension Urethane Sn95 convertible(lowers the engine position) engine and transmission mounts.
Side note: Modern made, good brand carburetors are not inferior to stock tune fuel injection systems which are mapped for emissions and not the performances. Any mods to stock FI dont do squat. Carbureted engine is more reliable(much less components to fail), cooler running, offers better performance, fuel economy, tunability and proper exhaust sound.

T-5 transmission, with S10 forward shift conversion(for normal shifter lever position). Ford Racing Hurst Shifter modified/machined to fit S10 tail housing, performance flywheel, stage 1 clutch.

Rear end:
Custom made driveshaft. Modified axle housing for 3-Link Rear Suspension set up with Panhard bar. Complete Northern Racers Fox length axles and full brake kit. Rebuilt Limited slip differential.

I have decided not to use Factory 5 powder coating option, since to properly powder coat a chassis will cost considerably more than they charge. I have used MasterCoat priming system which should be top coated(included).

Suspension. Brake & Steering:
Power brakes. Power steering.
Modified A1 Fox length tube lower control arms, coupe 65 upright adaptors, 1993 SN95 uprights modified to accept two piston aluminum calipers and bigger brake rotors. Fox length power rack and pinion. All for the best suspension geometry. QA1 height, stiffness and rebound adjustable coilover shocks all around.
Stainless steel Hotrod steering column with proper turn signal lever and a horn, real Moto-Lita steering wheel.
Tri-link setup with Panhard bar, J&M lower control arms, with 3 piece poly-ball bushings. Lokar complete parking brake set up.

Vintage Halibrand Replica Wheels, 15” X 8” Front and 15” X 9” Rear.
Cooper Cobra G/T P235/60R15 front and P255/60R15 rear tires.
Due to suspension design much wider tires can be mounted if desired.

Electrical & Lights:
All Lucas lighting, Painless Wiring full wire harness. Lucas windshield wiper kit. Compact heater kit.

All needed openings pre cut. Casting and parting ribs grinded off. FastLine side vents, roll bar grommets and windshield post covers. Sun visors, wind wings, rear view mirror top post conversion, Raydot convex side mirrors. AC name plate, hood, trunk, wheels and steering wheel emblems.

Interior & gauge clusters:
Leather Big-Boy Cobra seats(the combination of English made Cobra Big Boy seats and repositioned Hot Road steering column gives most passible driver room), full carpet. Shortened shifter rod. FatMat Rattle Trap sound and heat insulation. Classic Instruments Cobra Series 7 piece gauge kit, all Lucas dash illumination and switches. AMSAFE quick adjust seat belts with four point cam lock. Modified door latches.

FFR roadster order/build page: https://www.factoryfive.com/order-a-...ster-base-kit/