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For Sale: MK III Body/Shell (black) - Well seasoned.

Purchased FF5 Kit in October 2006.

Purchased with intent to install on FF5 MK III Kit. Built body buck and set outside to season. Then in 2011 (?) the North East got slammed with huge snow.

The body was covered. When we pulled the cover off to start the body work, we discovered the following damage:

-Cowl split
-Base of driver's door jam split
-Stress fracture by rear wheel well

This is a great "back up" body for a racer, or a low cost alternative for another FF5 Roadster build.

Easy Fiberglass repair.

Can send pictures upon request.

Purchase includes body buck. However, transportation/shipping is not included.

Asking $3,000 or best reasonable offer. (FF5 NEW body is $4,999!!)

Contact my Father in law (it's stored at his house, Wilmington, MA):
Al Marotta - aljohn13 (at) comcast (dot) net
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