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Recently I installed the clutch pedal fix from Factory Five. It includes all the parts and hardware needed to install a clutch quadrant actuator, a nice access panel for the top of the foot-box and very good directions. I have a removable foot box access panel so I can't comment on the piece that Factory Five provided. As others have reported the hardest part of the installation is removing the snap ring from the shaft and the bolt from the pedal arm. I found removing my seat and getting under the dash made the job easier than trying to work from the top only. After I finished I noticed my clutch pedal position had changed and needed to be raised up about an inch. This is due to the soft connection between the pedal and the actuator. Getting to the adjustment screw was somewhat difficult but doable. The pedal feels different than before, but after one drive I'm already used to it. This looks like a good fix for the pedal since most of the twisting force is now on the quadrant instead of being shared by the pedal. I read all the threads about going hydraulic or using the special pedal and quadrant from Fortes, but in the end I trust Factory Five and believe the fix they designed should be sufficient to prevent the pedal from breaking. The fact that they sent it without me asking and did it for free says a lot about how they operate. Once again they did the right thing. Thank you Factory Five.

This is what it looks like before the fix

After the fix

The mystery part I never found a place for

Jeff, I agree that Factory Five did the right thing with the fix and the distribution of the "fix". They have always worked with me on issues and I find them to be loyal to their family. My only comment would be to periodically check the quadrant for side play and whether the snap/retaining ring has stayed in place. Shifting the twisting force to the quadrant puts stress on the the aluminum quadrant and the surface that rides on the pivot shaft. Keep us posted.
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