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Explorer Intake - How much to pay?

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I want to start upgrading the 5.0 in FFR #2084K. The "E" cam is in, and I know I'll have to replace the heads. In the meantime I found a polished Explorer intake for sale. Anybody got a clue as to how much this thing is worth?

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First of all the lower intake has staggered ports like you see in the picture. The stock unit has them all in a line and they are oval, not round. As long as the upper matches up physically with the lower, you're all set. Ignore the cover plate as it can be replaced and swapped for another. The only Ford upper intakes that work with the GT40 style lower shown in this picture are the GT40 upper, Cobra upper, and Explorer upper. The Cobra upper has an integal EGR cooling unit and does not use a spacer.

The upper in that picture IS an explorer upper intake - no doubt about it guys.

For a price comparison, check out www.centralcoastmustang.com as they carry the explorer intake package. I think it's over $250 but I'm not sure. They are getting harder to find. A new Cobra intake can be had for about $400. The polished Explorer deal is a good one if there's nothing wrong with it and it's less than a Cobra setup. $300 is a great price considering it's performance.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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