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Hey Greg,
Sounds like you have some new mods goin on over that way.

From what I recall.
The Explorer is a 5.0 roller motor with gt40P heads, gt40 lower intake (with no Air Charge Temp sensor mount) The roller cam is made for more low end toque. Not quite as snappy to rev and falls off a bit before the 5.0 HO motor would. The E cam would fix that though.
Other than that, the bottom end is the same. And it has the distributor gear for the roller cam.

Wish I could go with you guys Saturday. Heathers been a bit ill. And my father and I allready had plans to go to the Skins game on Sunday.
Maybe next year.
Have fun.


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The Explorer also has an upper intake simular to the Cobra intake and a 65mm throttle body. I believe they also have the hyper-whatever pistons like the '93 Mustang.

Things you'll have to change:
Crank balancer
Timing cover
Water pump
All of the assessories
Ignition (the explorer uses a crank trigger)
Injectors (?)
Oil pan

Did I miss anything?


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Thanks guys just dreaming at this point, not sure if I'm gonna rebuild or try a new motor.

Brad would be great to have you join but you need to take care of the growing family first, hope the skins will make you proud
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