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With this being my second FFR Cobra I was not surprised when after a thousand miles I got the dreaded rattle in the drivers side pipe. So a couple of weeks ago I jacked her up, drilled the holes in the appropriate places and put in some self tapping screws to jam the offending baffle to the casement. Dropped her back on all fours and fired her up. Still rattled! [email protected] !!

I lost heart and went back into the house, thinking of plan B.

So, two days ago I tackled the task again and was expecting to drill more holes. I tapped the pipe with a rubber hammer and listened, trying to ascertain exactly where the rattle was. I began to realize it was in front of the collector; well on front!. I continued tapping and listening. Suddeny I noticed that a bolt where the j pipe attaches was loose! Maybe this is what was rattling all the time?

After a quick wrenching session (where I found that two others were not quite snug) the moment of truth was at hand. I hopped in and took her for a spin.

What joy to hear nothing but that throaty roar! No tin cans full of gravel any more for me baby!! I was so thrilled that I played around until she was quite warmed up, including the tires, so I did a bit of performance testing to see if my other mods had helped the power.

My car has a special speedometer that not only can be set to read in kph but also has a performance measuring capability too. So I set it to the zero to sixty mode, picked a good stretch of empty flat road and gave it a few runs. First was a disappointing 5.1 seconds but the times got better until I posted a 4.4 second run. I figured that was the best I could get as the air temp was in the 40's and the (summer)tires never got really warm. Hooking up in first gear was NOT easy and on one run I was breaking loose a bit in second too.

I headed for home with a big smile and a rattle free machine.
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