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I have done quite a bit of searching and snooping through the forums and I can't find anyone who has built a 65 Coupe as an EV. Here is my vision (pipe dream?) I love the classic look of the 65 Coupe, but for me it would be a 3rd car; Sunday driver; short range, weekend road trips kind of car. And I have a crazy idea to make it an BEV. Based on the pics that I have looked at from various build projects, it looks like there is plenty of space in the transmission tunnel to put the motor, and then use the engine bay and gas tank/rear of the car for battery boxes. The plan is for a medium range (100-150 mile) BEV, with a moderate capability motor (AC-35 / AC-76) probably running a 144V system. Going with an AC drive train makes a lot of sense to me because of the regen, and lithium batteries (probably refurb/used Tesla) makes sense from both a range and a weight stand point. Basic outline of the budget: Kit + running gear $20K (Really what I want is the complete kit without the gas tank, motor components, etc...So I am probably going to wind up with the basic kit plus some stuff) Motor and EV control components $10K Battery pack $15K Paint and Finishing $5K Round numbers ~$50K I would love some feedback to make sure that I am not completely out of my mind, and also to make sure that my budget numbers line up... Yes, I could probably go the easy route and build an 818c but the 65 has the look I am looking for.... (my back up thought would be to put a crate ecoboost I-4 in one... )
Ford now sells the Mustang Mach e emulator motor on their website along with battery pack and all other components brand new. This is to encourage people to convert old Fords and other vehicles in BEVs.
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