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Hi Folks-

I'm posting for John Nafziger in Northern NJ, who specializes in building FE engines, and is a cobra enthusiast. I've visited his shop a few times, and he comes across as a great guy. There are a few things I offered to post for him, listed here:

406 FE complete motor, C5AEA 5A2 date code, minus carb minus distributor, newly rebuilt. balanced, bluprinted, has dual quad intake, hydraulic lifters, 427 heads, cross-drilled mains (similar in strength and appearance to the bottom end of the 427.) $5949.30

He also has a 428 PI short block C6ME, 6E18 date code, standard bore, balanced, blueprinted, probe forged pistons. $4660.95.

289 complete motor, not rebuilt, recently pulled from a 64 fairlane. It was running, didn't smoke, he believes it only had 45,000 miles on it (odometer reading on the fairlane) and is sold as-is, complete minus carb for $450. If someone's interested, call him before I find space to store this motor;).

I'm not going to be able to mediate sales, I'm just posting for him. Please call him at +1 973 579 1818 if you're interested in any of these engines. Tell him Chris sent you

Roscoe- If you're reading, thanks for putting me in touch with John....great guy and fun to talk to.

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