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Looking for feedback from anyone who has purchased and used a Painless or Ron Francis EFI wiring harness. I've just started on the wiring and I like the idea of having clearly marked new wires. Are the harness' complete? Do they include the fuel injector portion i.e. the wires which actually fire the injectors? Are all the neccessary relays include? Factory service?
Thanks in advance

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Hey Chandler,

I was worried about the wiring too. I had a problem w/ different year harness's that plugged in but did not work.

I had a new FMS computer harness - bought w/ the pallet donor - It has a great manual noting how to connect the harness w/ the outside world

I had to replace the engine harness ( that's the one that runs the injectors) - $200 or so from Five Star Ford

I had the donor main harness (the massive wire mess w/ fuse box) Scared me to death, so I bought a Painless harness

I figured that I had nothing to loose stripping the donor harness as I could always use the Painless harness if I got in trouble.

Well I started ripping wires out and before I knew it I had only about a dozen wires and the thing still runs! No Painless harness needed here!

I still have the unused Painless harness if you are interested buying it.

The Painless harness is nice, but did not come w/ relays (even for the fuel pump) - I replaced all of the donor relays anyway.

Hope this helps,

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