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If you don't have EGR, then you just need 2.

Fuel Pressure Regulator. Use the tree fitting from the underside of the upper intake and block off the ones you don't need and run one hose from there to the FPR.

You'll also need one that goes to the PCV valve. There's a thicker hose that should be attached to the underside of your upper intake that goes to that.

Block the holes in the back of your heads with a 5/8th course thread bolt. You might need a pipe brush to clean them out or the bolts won't go in because of carbon buildup.

I deleted the TAB/TAD, so those don't need hoses. You just need a resistor to fool the computer into thinking it's there. I think that was a 10k ohm. You'd need the same for an EGR delete too. Confirm this last paragraph.
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