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I've been contemplating a switch to carb. This is my attempt at building a parts list for dummies, or EZ pack, if you will. I have broken it down to sub-categories so if other's want to substitute what they have done, they can. For example, using a different distributor may require a separate ignition module or coil. Using the EFI fuel pump would require using a different tank to carb setup.

Additional fittings are especially helpful to limit multiple trips to a speed shop, or waiting a week for an order to be shipped due to not knowing you needed a 3/8" NPT to -8AN fitting.

What am I missing (or is incorrect)? I have 3/8" fuel line to install and am assuming I can use existing throttle cable.

Jeg's part numbers

Proform High Performance HEI Distributor
# Ford 260, 289, 302 & 5.0 Engines 1962-83
# Red Cap
Part Number # 778-66969R
$186.99 $186.99

MSD Bronze Gear, Ford 351W, .530''id
Part Number # 121-8585
$47.99 $47.99

Weiand Stealth Intake Manifold 221/260/289/302ci
# Fits GT-40 and TFS heads
# 4150 Carb Flange
# Idle-6000 RPM Range
Part Number # 925-8020
$176.99 $176.99

Barry Grant *Reman* 650 CFM Speed Demon Carburetors
# Vacuum Secondary
# Electric Choke
# Ford Throttle Linkage
# Mild 302-427ci Engines
Part Number # 132-1282010VFE-R
$379.98 $379.98

FMS Air Cleaner 13" Diameter
# Black Satin
# Ford Logo
Part Number # 397-M-9600-L302
$64.99 $64.99

Mr Gasket 1-1/2" Air Cleaner Spacer
Part Number # 720-9342
$8.99 $8.99

Fel Pro H/P Intake Gasket Ford 260-351W V8 Engines
# Stock or Small Race Port
# Port Size: 1.20'' x 2.00''
# Thickness: .060"
Part Number # 375-1250
$22.99 $22.99

Holley Blue Max Fuel Pump w/Regulator
Part Number # 510-12-802-1
$134.99 $134.99

Mr Gasket 3/8" Chrome Fuel Line with Pressure Gauge for Demon Carburetors
Part Number # 720-1576
$43.99 $43.99

Mr Gasket Filter with 3/8" Hose
Part Number # 720-9748
$11.99 $11.99

Jeg's High-Flow Fuel Fitting Straight
# 3/8" NPT, 3/8" hose
Part Number # 555-15980
$4.99 $19.96


total $1099.85

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Nice list. Only guestion I have is choice of distributor gears. You list bronze gear. Not many recommend this for a street engine. Factory roller cams use steel gear. Cast cams used iron gear.
If you already plumbed a return line,personally feel this type of set up better when useing a regulator. Might want to look at pre efi electric in tank pump. These mount in the tank same as late model pump but only have less psi but still need a regulator. This allows same tank to be used.Personal choice for carb is mechanical pump but this reguires timeing cover change.
Upgrade for only a few dollars more to the Pertronix HEI distributor. It has better quality then the pro form or Summit brand. The gear comes "pined" on the shaft instead of just pressed on the shaft. also comes with steel gear if needed. Probally have the part # home if needed.

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This list would have been helpful 1 week ago! Then I made my order which is completely different but will acheive the same results, hopefully!

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I'm guessing you have a donor engine?
I had to look at my 91' donor motor before piping in. The stock 5.0L motor didn't have a PCV on the valve covers nor additional breather but I'm guessing that was done differently on a EFI to remove the pressure.

So just to cover your bases:

(2) Valve covers with access holes for at least 2 breathers
(2) VC gaskets
(10) VC bolts if you're getting cast alum. valve covers since your OEM's might be a bit short or just look plain ugly with the pretty valve covers. :D
(1) PCV w/hose (or sub. with breather/filter)
(1) Breather/filter
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