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Anyone have experience swapping over from a 302 EFI engine to a 351w Carbureted engine. What changes would be needed? Headers, wiring harness, fuel pump?

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You can search the archives to get a more complete picture but I'll make a stab at it since I just finished the process of going from a 302 to 408W.
* Of course, new engine, carb, and accessories.
* Upgraded radiator to keep the beast cool.
* Upgraded transmission and clutch (G-Gorce gear set in T5) to handle the extra torque.
* Upgraded fuel pump, added regulator with bypass. Make sure the fuel lines can handle the task (3/8" hard tube ships with carb kit, some have gone to 1/2").
* Exchanged 4 into 4 headers for different engine dimensions.
* Added an oil cooler to keep temps down at the track - but it's not essential.

I highly recommend it, but it's not for the faint of heart. Also, starting out with this much HP in one of these cars could be a recipe for disaster. Take it slow until you get used to it. The tires will not last as long and they WILL take a beating. I need to go wider in the rear. Anyone have a good set of tires and wheels for cheap?

I almost forgot one of the major points of your question - EFI to carb. You get to dump/recycle the computer. The wiring will change a little. There are many threads discussing this effort. I am not experienced in this part of the task.


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All engine management stuff will be removed from the 302.

Main differences:
Oil pan, pickup and associated hardware
Intake manifold (your going from EFI to Carb so a new one will be required)
Depending on the year block the cam/lifters are different (you will have to change springs on your heads to match which cam)
351 uses 1/2" head bolts where the 302 is 7/16")

After all of these points are taken care of pickup at the same point as you would converting a 302 EFI to a 302 Carb.


Good luck

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Im doing it right now.

Breeze has the carb fuel pickup #70099 You'll need atleast 3/8 fuel line.

Also use a Carter electric fuel pump #4070 Low pressure, high volume. No need for a return with this pump.

Harness, If you have the mustang dash, you just need the two connectors from an old computer harness. Makes it a little easier. They are round, black and a grey one, nxt to the computer. These will go to your sender units, oil, temp etc.

and some more things.
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