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The problem:
• The car stumbles under load in all gears, bucks and pops if you give it more throttle. It idols “ok” not great, but under load it stumbles and even back fires/bucks.

The setup:
• EFI 302, AFR 165 Heads, TFS Track Heat intake, 30lbs Ford MS injectors, 76mm C&L (30lbs cal tube) stock mass air sensor, 40lbs fuel pressure, Acufab 75mm TB, CompCams XE274HR roller cam (specs http://www.compcams.com/Technical/Search/CamDetails.asp?PartNumber=35-518-8) , base timing @13 degrees, stock distributor and ignition (new TFI), MSD coil (6AL needs to be replaced!), 4 into 4 headers, O2 sensors in tubes 1 and 8, heat range 24 (one lower than stock due to the heads) plugs.

I have searched the forum for this kind of problem and they mostly point to spark. I think the spark is there, but what I am missing is the magic air/fuel bullet. I will be installing a Tweecer RT this weekend to try and get into the Ford A9L computer and see what is going on in the air and fuel department.

Any words of wisdom???
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