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I am redesigning my battery box for my trunk kit. THe battery box is holding up some trunk kits from shipping.

WHAT I NEED IS: 4 or 5 folks to measure the distance between the two 3/4 inch steel tubes that the battery mount bar is supported by.

I need more than one so i can be sure that distance is very accurate from car to car.

I need just the distance between the two bars. I know its close to 7". But, if im off by even a 1/16 inch, i have one less option.


ADVANCE NC that is :D :D :D


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Earl 7 1/8 near the center 7 at the left edge' never less than 7 across.
Any chance of getting some scrap pieces of Alum. 1&2" widths 6" lengths when you get the box figured out

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If it makes a difference, I measured about 8 inches towards the side of the battery (towards passenger side)
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