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Keith Easley called a couple days ago. He and Leota are moving to Phoenix next year when they retire but only have a 2-car garage so he says the roadster must find a new owner. This is a very nice car:

The new owner will get:
- Beautiful pro-painted roadster
- Halibrand style rims, PS Engineering
- BFG 15" tires that "look right"

-Well done interior

- Cermaic side pipes
- Stock 225 HP EFI 5.0 Engine for total reliability
- Low miles for lots of fun left for you
- "Civilian cars" only see this view:

To contact Keith, try
- Home phone: phone 503-245-2916
- Leota's work e-mail: [email protected]

Oh yeah, the best part, only asking 30 +/-

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