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I have the 88 t-bird straight axle with disc brakes and I am using new M2809a e-brake cables. I just finished install of e-brake handle & cables.

Everything appears fine except when I pull then release the ebrake handle I notice the e-brake levers on the calipers don't return to the fully released position. The calipers still seem to be applying pressure to the rotor. Just a small amount of leverage with a screw driver directly on the caliper e-brake lever releases them the rest of the way.

When I installed the handle I did need to pull the cable with the "t" from the e-brake handle out to meet the cables from the rear end so there is always some tension but it didn't seem that significant.

I can't quite see any adjustment at the handle to help any more. Suggestions?



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You cut the spring off. Then you have to figure out a way to lock up the cable spool.

Richard mentioned a bolt on the other thread.

Its been a year,......... but I cut a new notch in the cable spool for the pall to lock into. And I remember trimming a 90degree bend off the pall so it could get to the notch.

Get your brake lever in your hand and call me if you like. Two way commmunication is better than email.


the reason i cut a notch instead of putting a small bolt was, I was unsure of where to put the bolt. I figured i could put another notch if i miss calculated the first time.

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