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Can the Mustang e-brake handle cover be removed? The lower portion of the cover comes off pretty easy but I'm not sure about the upper piece. I'm installing the leather boot and it looks like the neck of the boot is too small to slide over the upper cover. Thanks in advance for any help....

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I second Mikes comment.. drop the cash and get mikes nice billet cover.. makes the leather option all that nicer...

Oh yeah get the boot base trim ring too!

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Yes, it comes off.

I had my dad make me an aluminum cover for mine.

A couple of things to consider if you're going to do this.

1.) If you make a new plunger out of alum. how to reattach it. I used JB Weld

2.) How far do you want the cover to go down. I went down a good bit further than where the bottom angle starts to interfer. You need to slot the handle to accomodate this.

3.) You may want to use a set screw to make sure it never slips. If the tolerences are tight enough then friction will take care of it for you.

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