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Lots more details will come out in a few days but for now, mark your calendars; March 21-24, this year based in Jacksonville.

We are bringing back the 'caravan to the cruise'. The idea is caravans of Cobras coming from multiple points converging on Thursday night at the base hotel in Jacksonville.

We are hoping to have groups coming from Palm Beach, Tampa, Pensacola, Birmingham, Atlanta, Savannah, etc. all arriving at roughly the same time. (we are in need of volunteers to assist with leading the caravans, so let me know if you would like to help)

Then, two days of cruising that will include driving, dining, learning, challenges, competition, and comraderie. The event will be topped with a banquet where outstanding prizes will presented to a lucky few.

Finally, we are changing the name of the event to honor the memory of Randy Dender who was the primary force behind this event for the last three years. We have not settled on a name yet, so chime in if you have an idea.

I will see y'all in March!

Ricky Harper

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I will mark it on the calendar! Looking forward to a great time.


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Date noted and marked. Thanks for keeping the cruise going Ricky, I know it's been hard...
X2. We appreciate your efforts.

We plan on being there but given our luck in the mountains last summer, I think we will trailer to J'ville.

We look forward to it.

Mike & Janet
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