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Off of my Mk 3.1, less than 2 years old. Not factory new condition, but very close. In the center of the close up pic of the straight tube, you can see there is a difference in the finish. The exposed area above the rubber sealing grommet has a very slight cloudy look compared to the lower area that was not exposed to the environment. This is predominently on the straight tube. On the U shaped tube, it is much less noticeable, if at all. Any other very minor imperfections were present when it came from FFR. Included is the Tangent Rollbar Bolt Delete kit and the rubber sealing grommets as shown.

New from FFR & Tangent:

Rollbar $530 Driver Chrome Roll Bar - Factory Five Parts Catalog

Tangent Kit $80 Roll Bar Kits

Total $610 + shipping of each part

Asking $250 + actual shipping (guessing around $20, can't weigh more than about 20 lbs, you can choose carrier if you wish, from zip code 33993), much less than 1/2 new price.

I'm usually in town near USPS, FedEx, UPS drop off sites Tues & Thurs, so those are my shipping days.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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