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I finished installing drivers door, hacked, trimmed, gapped all the areas. opens and closes nicely now. But the rear upper portion that supports the back of the window is not curved the same as were the back side glass would be (I'm installing side scoops). Is this a normal problem for the Gen II
drivers door?
My thought to fix is cut a slot on the inner side and rebend/fibreglass to its supposed curve.
Any help as to what others have done to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


If I'm correct you're referring to the vertical post on the rear of the door..?

If so, you're correct. The LH side rear post will need to be reworked. I used the same technique as you mentioned.

Clean and prep the area. Grind away the gel coat. Make you relief cut and check that you have the post fit you want. From there I clamped the top of the post in place and filled the post's cavity (~2" past the relief cut) with reenforced filler. Once that cured I added fg/resin to the outside.

You'll find that you will also need to rework the forward window opening to the shape of the window glass.



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