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Drip, Drip, Drip water torture!!!

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Recently my MKIV has developed a very small but annoying leak on the lower radiator house outlet (see picture).
I have tried different type of hoses, clamps, etc and nothing seems to stop the leak.
My latest effort was to put RTV around the aluminum outlet, then slip on the hose adapter provided and then a silicone hose over that.
The leak is always occurring on the bottom of the radiator outlet. I have not observed any cracks or holes in the aluminum outlet, but maybe it is out of round?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The picture below shows the RTV that was squished out when I slid the hose on so I simply smeared it around the bottom. Not the prettiest and I realize that portion is not providing any leak stoppage. 馃槉
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Another possible solution...
There are many places, online, and I'm sure local to you, that will provide stainless tubing in the diameter that you need. Use it for the straight runs. You can ask your local auto parts store (I went to NAPA) to look at all of their radiator hoses. Pick ones that give you the correct bends to create the proper path between the radiator and the thermostat. In my case I actually found a local welder that created much of the path in all stainless. There are tubing crimpers that will create a bead so the hose doesn't release from the tubing under pressure. If this interests you, there are some more details to help you down this path.
Could you use a radiator plug to straighten it from the inside? A radiator plug is a large rubber "cork" with a bold in the center. You tighten the bolt to expand the rubber to close an opening. Perhaps it will coax it back into shape.
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