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Yep, the ol' FFR Hood hinge fitment issue. Your best bet there is to throw it away. Just kidding, some people have gotten it to work. I have yet to be happy with mine. Mike Mack is selling a replacement hood and hinge that is supposed to be better. Pics make it appear that way. Only drawback is the 550$ price. Of course, paying a painter 40$ an hour to finish the underside of the FFR and fiddle with the hinge to get mediocre(sp?) fitment is expensive too. Your problem sounds a little odd. Got any pictures you could post? Is your hood too small to fill the hood opening? If so, I would call FFR. I haven't heard of that problem before.

As for the doors, do you have your windscreen mounted yet? I(and others here) had to redrill the side body mount holes on the driver's side to allow the body to sit down where it should on that side. Maybe you have a similar problem.


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