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I posted this in the Roadster forum, but I wanted to put it here as well to get your take.

I'm getting to the end of a very long build and finishing up the body work on my MKIII. In adjusting the doors for best fit, I noticed that the hinges are at a pretty good angle. The top of the hinges are further towards the center of the car than the bottom. So, the result of this is that that the doors rise as they swing out, over an inch in height at the back (by the latch). For grins I pushed the bottom of the hinge in to get it as straight up and down as I could. This lessened the rise of the door as it moved outward, but didn't eliminate it (and created a lot of door fitment issues, but I digress). I'm wondering if this is part of the FFR design. Mine is an early MKIII body, so there are lots of issues to begin with. Has anybody else noticed this?

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