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Donor Car Guage Cluster Stuffed Under Dash ?!

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Looked at a MKII that I'm interested in buying yesterday. It needs some work to say the least! Build was completed in 2003 and its showing its age. Lots of little issues.

The seller doesn't know much about the car; so I looked at the documentation that comes with it and the wiring harness appears to be from a 1991 Mustang GT donor car. It has been extensively modified (chopped up) to fit the Cobra. Lots of butt splices, electrical tape, and connectors that don't go to anything.

When I looked under the dash, I was shocked to see the back side of an OEM Ford gauge cluster! Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this?

I have a few theories as to why it might be there but looking to see what other forum members think.

- Ranger
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With the donor engines if it had PATS (anti theft), one solution (free) was to keep the ignition switch and gauge cluster and tuck them behind the dash.
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