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Hello all, this is my first post to this group and I eagerly await your assistance as I too navigate through the process of buying/building a spec racer. I have gotten to the stage of ordering the assembly manual and am now awaiting its arrival. I am also trying to find the time to visit the factory in the next couple of weeks.

What I would appreciate some help with is a posting I have found on Ebay for an expired auction for a spec racer. (Ebay auction number 1836602106). Does anyone know this car or its owner?

  • As an aside we took a trip to the "lone star classics" factory today to see what was available and were somewhat disappointed with the quality of the prebuilts. Maybe there were having a bad day? But at 46K I really expected more and it has really made me strongly consider the spec racer again.

    As a newbee any assistance/ guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    Mark Perry
    Dallas Texas
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