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Stock mustang brakes are fine for a street car but I'll add something I haven't seen mentioned... if you start getting custom with the setup, make sure it's setup / spec'd properly. On my first car, I had a manual setup with dual master cylinders. I was never really happy with the brakes. Yeah, it had a balance bar adjuster. I think it probably had to do with the pedal ratio / cylinder matches. It's not just the master cylinder sizes that are important, but also the cylinders in the calipers as well. Setting it up was a lot more complex than I appreciated at the time and if not done properly you can spend a lot of money on flashy stuff and end up with lackluster results.

After me delaying the project for many years... it looks like I'm going to take a trip to Pittsburgh next month to pick it up. I have a Kirkham pedal box for the car and I'll have to dig into the master / caliper setup. I may just give Kirkham a call for advice. If I go with something extra slick aftermarket, it will probably be with something from StopTech.
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