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I am doing preliminary reasearch for a new motor which will be a 351W stroked to either 427 or 408. I want to see hopefully 500hp/500ft/tq. Do i need a 4 bolt main block? Also what brand of crank and pistons should i look at? And for heads and intake is the Victor Jr. the way to go?>


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The 351W block is good to at least 600HP.

The least expensive insurance you can get is the "Sportsman" block if you're going over that.

You really don't need the 4 bolt mains/SVO block at that power level. I'm not a pro, but all the info points that way.

AFR 205's are popular on the corral for 408's.

If you're not familiar with it the website is www.corral.net if you click on the Windsor forum you can get a WORLD of advice. Some good, some not.. (as usual)

Some places I've been looking for an engine:

www.dssracing.com (local for me)
www.fox-lake.com (Sorry, got them mixed up with Windsor fox..that's the "edit.")

All of these places seem to have a pretty good reputation.

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