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Disk brake conversion

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I am going to use the FMS Super Heavy Duty Cobra Disk brake Conversion Kit, part #M-2300-K. Will I be able to use the master cylinder that comes with the kit and just take the booster off as outline in the FFR assembly manual?
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I can't believe I am beating oldguy....

Russ if you do a search on this topic you will get enough replies to kep you up all night.

I have that exact kit and hee is the breakdown:

Sell master cylinder and booster on e-bay I got $325 for my set.

Sell axles since they are going to be 3/4 inches too wide on each side and push tires into the body if you go with 285's on the back and all sorts of wheel spacing issues.

Buy 84 jeep master cylinder (45 bucks without core)

Get the ford motorsports 5-lug conversion set-up from summit $185 these are the axles you want.

Get rear caliper brackets from Richard Oben here on the forum.

Stainless braided lines for the front from Mike Mack at Tristates

Your good to go with great brakes. Tell your pasanger to hold on prior to putting them into the dash!

good luck. The kit is worth the money if you can still get one. I think they are on endless backorder. Call Mike Forte's for options. The M2300k kits are starting to be hard to find...
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