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Classifieds Access for New Members
POLICY: Access to the classifieds section on FFcars.com is granted through participation on the site. When you reach 10 posts the classifieds sections will appear for your account and you will be able to reply to threads. When you reach 20 posts on the site you will be able to start your own threads in the classifieds. Premium and Vendor memberships are immune to this rule and can read and post in the classifieds regardless of post count.
COMMENT: This policy is in effect on the site to try to keep fraud and fly-by-night Craigslist'er type classifieds ads off the site. It is not difficult to reach 10 posts on the site just asking a few questions. The database updates the use promotions about every three hours. If you just hit your 20 posts and it does not allow you to post please be patient, maybe stroll through the galleries a little the database will update just check back in an hour or two.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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