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DC area - help a future FFR'er

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I know that there's a few owners in the DC area, and I'm hoping I can get a little help. My wife and I are going to be running up to Reagan-Nat'l briefly on Saturday late morning. I mentioned to her that there's some Cobras in the DC area...

The skinny is I'd like to chat with one of you who have either built or are in the process of building one while I'm up there, and as a side benefit, get my wife more on board with the idea. We'll be coming over on I-66, and would be willing to meet wherever is convenient, late morning this Saturday (7/13). My number is 540-434-1917, or you can post here or drop an email [email protected].


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I live off of 95 in Montclair VA. My car is a work in progress but you welcome to stop by.
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