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David's Mk4 Build Thread...

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This will be the thread documenting the build of my newly ordered Mk4 Roadster. It should be FULL of pictures with an extensive build log similar to my GTM Build hear: http://www.ffcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=86384

We made the decision to sell the Mistress(FFR 1046) which we have owned for 14 years and was built into a purpose built Autocross car. It was the first running/driving FFR in Ca! It went to a new home in Michigan and will be used for the purpose it was built. The Changes to the Mk4 put me over the edge from converting FFR1046 back to road duty so we decided to just starting fresh and let our old girl keep doing what she does best... go fast between the cones. :D

We are very excited about this build... WOOT!

The details of the car will be:

Complete Kit
Vintage Guages
Leather Seats
Bumpers and Overiders
427 Windsor
(need to figure out what tranny to run)
FFR 17 inch Halibrand style wheels
Paint by Ken Pike, Street Rod Painter!
Transported by Stewart Transport

I'll get started on the thread once she arrives.. but just had to post...

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This is gonna be really, really good!


Cool news Dave, I'f you're going to be on vacation when it arrives I can unload it for you:D
I have some stuff to bring by this weekend if you're going to be around. See you soon.
Cool, looking forward to following along. If only I had procrastinated another month or two on 3144 I'd have done a Mk IV instead and been able to race you to completion!
Congrats Dave! Any ideas yet on the color scheme your gonna go with? Looking forward to following the build.

Dave & Mary, have fun and thanks for taking us with you!
This is gonna be good :yes:


I remember your first build and the subsequent changes and modifications the car went through in all of that time....Cannot wait to watch your new build up.........


Bill S.

I look forward to following you once again!

Hope all is well. Hi to Mary!

David, so this is what you do on vacation???? :)

Can't wait to see the progress on the build, should be most excellent indeed!

Can't wait to see how you dial in the suspension.
David,no way can i let the mistress walk away without saying something,it was the first ffr i'd ever seen and i was hooked, what a sorted out brute it was (is) remember hearing that whine from a block away,it was once asked on the other forum what was the most significant c---a ever built and in my mind it was always the Miles car csx 2431,as much for the testing it was put through,the modifications, as its race wins,to our little company, factory five racing, the mistress should be held in the same esteem,Pat.
Excellent!! Looking forward to watching the build progress!!
Glad to have you back in this forum. This is going to be fun to watch. Can't wait to see what innovations you have instore, or develop, for this build.
David & Mary -

Congratulations on your newest family member!

Might I suggest a T56 or variant transmission?

A nice Stack Fuel Injection system would be sweet as well.. Or are you going for more of the FE look with the new FMS 427 (Windsor) Valve covers, Turkey pan etc?

Anyway you wanna slice it - this will be the Roadster build to watch! :)
Dave and Mary - Congrats! I can not wait to watch as your build progreesses. As far as the transmission, why not try one of Gordon's super alloy T-5's? He says they can handle the power and cost about what a TkO 600 does. That way I will know someone who has tried out a configuration similar to what I want to build (427W, levy sa t-5, IRS,) except I still want to go 15" wheels/tires.
Congrats Dave and Mary. I look forward to watching your build.

Didn't you do intensive frame analysis on the Mistress? I can't remember if it was you or James. Regardless, it would be very interesting to test the Mk4 frame and compare it to the older frame.
This will be a treat for all.

Congratulations Dave!!!
I got my first FFR back in 1998 and the new MKIV is everything I could have hoped for.
With the talent and class applied to your other cars, this one will be awesome!
Look forward to viewing your build.

Best regards,
Thanks guys.... Will be ofline for a few days... But excited for this to start !
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