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Sorry Dave but everyone pitched in all their pocket change (yes even Mary gave to the cause) for me to post a picture of you behind the wheel of a potato :eek: yep, you were sold out for 86 cents. :D
Just kidding Dave, thanks for taking Bo's car out for a drive, he's like a kid with a new toy.

Dave in the hunt

Dave behind the wheel of Bo's potato

For more pictures of the races at Thunder Hill on 08-03-02:

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Aw David,

This is choking me up, little buddy!

Good to see you come over to the dark side.

Good job Don, a little temptation never hurts.

"Mr. Potato Head"

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Yep, I drove the Potato powered Bo machine. What a beautiful car, and boy did it drive nice. I was really impressed how well it drove and how smooth the power was. Didnt smell either.

Thanks for coming up and hanging out with us! It was great seeing you two.


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Larry I don't want to start any rumors.........but the mistress has a blown head gasket and Dave will be taking off the intake off , he just might convert to the dark side..who knows Russ may be next to follow..........
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