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Here's the lay out of the dash pad. I started out with card board, transfered it to aluminum, then formed it. I am attaching it using counter sink type machine screws. I have holes that the head of the screws fit thru then it communicates to a slot. So you drop the dash pad down so the head of the screws pop thru the hole then you push the pad back until it stops at the back of the slot. This keeps most of the fastners hidden. I will have just 2 screws coming thru the top of the pad on each side to keep it from flying backward then releasing in a accident. Having the under side of the screw heads tapered helps to promote the dash in getting tighter as you push it into place.

The beer caps glued in place is to allow an air pocket for the screw heads to go into and keeps the expanding Foam from getting in there while I was applying it.

Once the expanding foam sets up, I will cut, sand and shape it to get it ready for covering it with leather or what ever I decide to use.

Hope this makes sense :) Hard to put in words.



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