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bought new by me, used in a normally aspirated build with probably 40 hrs. std. bore 4.125 with the cross hatch still showing, although the bores might be a little large for your liking and need to go larger. no scratches in the cylinders. was aligned honed, decked and the lifter bores honed when first purchased. the caps are separated as it makes the block easier too handle, but everything is there excluding one main washer that made it's way to freedom, where it is at is anybody's guess. the block will be shipped separate from the main caps and other hardware, the block weighs 85# and the hardware is 25#, makes it easier to handle. i am including head studs and still in the package new coated cam bearings from dart. there is one helicoil in the hole on front of block as marked, didn't really pull the threads initially but was installed just in case. also one of the coolant plugs was trimmed on the outside to clear the jesel setup.

price is $3400 to your door in the conus, if you don't have the change don't bother. no paypal. that is about a $3k aluminum block plus the special head studs and cam bearings and shipping. i will not seperate, it is all one package.

happy new year.


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