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This was emailed to me from the Ferrari club:


This is Rob Lay from the local DFW Ferrari Club. FerrariChat.com and
Norwood Performance are running an open dyno day April 20th in Dallas. The
limit is 20 cars and we've only filled up 6 spots with some older Ferraris
and a Cobra so far. This e-mail is going out to the local Lotus, Porsche,
NSX, and Viper club contacts to give you the opportunity to inform your
membership of this fun event. I imagine it will start to fill up fairly
quick now that all the clubs are being notified. The cost is only $75 to
get the car on the dyno and make a few runs. For an additional $35 Bob
Norwood will hook up the equipment to do a fuel/air analysis. For more
information and the message thread on this event, please follow this link...
http://www.ferrarichat.com/discus/messages/6532/13916.html?1018035610 .

The day is divided into 4 time slots and you can register and pay for your
spot by going to http://www.ferrarichat.com and then the "Online Store" or
just follow this link directly...
ct_Code=Dyno .

There will be several on hand to go out to dinner after the event ends
around 5:30pm. Please let me know if other questions.

Rob Lay
FerrariChat.com, FCA, FOC.
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