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When we ordered the Coyote package did it come with an ECU? Or did the ECU come with the Coyote when ordered from Ford Performance Racing thru Mike Forte? I forget.
Cheers, Dale.
I’m selling the car and am trying to fix a high idle at stops; after 10 or so seconds the idle drops from 1800 back to 900 rpms. Am working with HP Tuners trying to flash a new program. SCT, who did the original tune have been sooo unhelpful
Dale: Gordon Levy has dyno services available for the Coyote. It is an option as he did not recommend online tunes. Fixing your return to idle issues might be hit and miss getting tunes remotely. Gordon is very willing to help as he recently spent over a half hour discussing the installation of a Wilwood electronic parking brake on my car. It would not hurt to share your issue with him.
Also if I remember right, the Gen 1 Coyotes installs required a component called a speed dial to help with the idle issues. Did you install one on yours?
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