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I am looking into building a 33 Hot Rod and would like to run the Coyote engine with the 6R80 six speed automatic transmission. FFR does not know anything about this configuration and suggested asking the forum. My question is - will it fit and what drive shaft is needed. Also what about programming the transmission? Are there any hidden problems with this combination?
Mike forte is the guy to ask for all your transmission needs that's where I got mine it is a TKO 500 I went with that trans because the 5th gear is perfect for the stock rear gear I used the 3.27 the 5th gear is 1 to 1 I was going to use the 3.55 gear I brought one and everything it's still sitting on the bench but its geared perfect this is what I used Spec aluminum fly wheel clutch pressure plate quick time bell housing forte hyd slave cylinder if you want to buy a kit with a 5.0 coyote I'll sell you mine it's all fitted all ready for paint and powder coat the colors you want
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