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SoCal members,

Thinking practically, I've had to move away from the roadster as a build option given my need to park and lock the car for days at a time. I've been considering both the GTM and the Coupe for some time. I have a list of pros/cons for each after stalking the forum and talking to folks like Dave Borden and Jeff Miller, but at this point I need to take a closer in-person look at and ride in both to make a final decision.

I'm in Ventura County. Any GTM or Coupe owners within reasonable distance that are open to showing their cars?

Here are some points relevant to my choice:
  • I am from an automotive family and have wrenched and done mechanical engineering, but this is my first car build
  • Need this to be able to be a daily driver; must be able to lock the thing at the airport
  • Want to use either a Coyote or LSX engine
  • Not an unlimited budget like some of the folks on the forums
  • 35 years old; not looking for a retro build at all
  • Not liking the woe that folks seem to be suffering via Mendeola on the GTM
  • Planning to sub the bodywork to Jeff Miller

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