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Been working on it for 90 days now, but just saw the build site forum.

My Coupe (#497) is a basic kit with a '93 Mustang donor pallet from Cypress Auto Salvage. I'm using as much of the donor as I can including engine, manual trans, solid axle with 4-links, OEM wiring harness. I did upgrade the motor a little with Edelbrock Performer heads, Cobra intake manifold and new valve covers. I have the 5-lug upgrade with disc brakes all around. I have the North A/C system, and ordered Factory Five's wipers. I have the FFR carpet, FFR seat tracks, a 3-3/8" cup holder for the cell phone. I ordered the 15" Halibrands from FFR.

I'm trying to keep the dash simple by using FFR switches and an FFR ignition switch in the dash panel. I'm using truck bedliner on the outside of the aluminum panels, and will also use it on the dash and switch panel.

My build blog gives a few pictures each week with narrative highlights meant to keep friends and family informed of our progress.

My Flickr site provides many more pictures and is updated about once per month. I tried to add comments to pictures that would help someone like me later trying to get through their first FFR build.

I keep my build status updated in my signature, and you can always find links to my sites there as well.

Send me a PM if you're looking for a picture that I didn't include on the Flickr site.
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