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Have you driven the car with this particular cam in the engine? If not, I recommend you do. You may find out your current cam puts out plenty of power for your current taste. Also, I'd get the car running smoothly before introducing yet another variable to any perceived performance issues.

Hey John,

I have driven it - about 150 miles - but haven't really laid into it yet since everything is still settling and not broken in yet. For the few times I've gotten into it does but a smile on my face. Like you mentioned, I have no desire to introduce any other variables to the car until everything is sorted and broken in. Heck, I really don't plan on swapping anything out in the near future at all. Just going to drive it and enjoy it.

Don't get me wrong though, I have started a small list of things I'm already thinking about changing in the future. :geek:

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Everything you just mentioned sounds like sorcery to me lol. I get the gist of it more or less though. My biggest fear is tearing into something and causing harm to the motor due to my lack of knowledge. Ha, I have no problem diving head first into something that's for sure.

Just joined one of the local cobra clubs in KY so I'm hoping to link up with someone in the area that is familiar with FE motors. I'll gladly bribe someone with pizza and beer!
The below guys have a book, I would assume "cam swaps" would be a common topic in there.
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