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Correct Headlight install questions

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Hi guys I have mostly figured out how to install the headlights (I think) but am wondering how to get the Trim Ring to stay securely. If I have the lights installed correctly it seems the retaining screw is underneath, and the trim ring is barely holding on, im sure it will pop off on some hard bumps or racing etc.
Did I install these right and how did y'all get the trim screw installed?
In the pics the screw bit is pointing to the trim ring screw location with like an inch of access.

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I drilled a hole to allow access to the screw. I don't know of any other way.
Wow I actually thought of that but sometimes I have "extreme" ideas and figured I installed them wrong some how and better check the forums 1st.
Anyone else have a solution? I was thinking a dab of silicone on the bottom part that i could cut when i needed to change bulbs or adjust the beams?
Thx guys, im convinced.
Did you build a plug or its not even noticeable?
Hi Tom, yes I'm using a DOT approved Amazon/ebay glass headlight with a led H4/9003 led bulb, they are super bright but have a nice clean flat low beam that can be properly adjusted to not blind oncoming traffic, as well as a high beam.
I have ordered new headlights with the amber lens bult in and will fill the traditional holes for the turns and running lights that FFR drilled.
The led lights are no longer available on Amazon but im sure you could find the newer model or similar, here is the description.
H4 LED Headlight Bulbs - Sampino H4 (9003 Hi/Lo) Headlights All-in-One Conversion Kit 2Packs with 8000LM Extremely Bright Light Bulbs CSP LED Chips - Cool White 5500K

Are those LED lights? They look nice. Where did you get them?
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