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(Contributed by Henry)

Burping the Cooling System

I was having problems burping the cooling system and Steve and I figured out a fool-proof way to ensure it is full.

I bled the cooling system per the Corvette instructions and it did not completely get the air out. I was concerned there was lots of air left in the system because after running for a while, it would lose power dramatically and oil pressure would drop to 25 lbs. I thought maybe it was a fail-safe system for the Corvette computer that it would shut down some injectors or maybe kill spark to some of the cylinders, effectively de-powering the motor. After a little more investigation, I believe it was because the motor was getting very hot - as proved by the Ray-Tec infrared temperature gun. I think what was happening was the oil was getting too thin to charge the lifters, valves weren't opening all the way... I'm just telling you all this so you understand the symptoms I was seeing.

1. Remove the higher radiator hose at the engine (not the one connected to the thermostat) and lift it as high as possible.
2. Remove the 2 steam vents on top of the heads on the belt side of the motor (there are 2 more at the tranny side but they can stay tightened).
3. There are 2 smaller radiator hoses that connect to the pax side of the radiator. 1 goes to the overflow tank and one goes to the steam vents/TB. Pull off the larger of the two smaller hoses (if that makes sense) - the one that goes to the overflow tank.
4. Pour antifreeze mixture into the hose that goes to the radiator that was removed in step 1 until antifreeze comes out of the small hose removed from the radiator.
5. Re-attach that small radiator hose.
6. I used the old Corvette radiator hose and poured antifreeze into the block through the higher radiator hose connection on the engine. Keep filling until the antifreeze comes out of the steam vents.
7. Replace steam vents.
8. Add more antifreeze to hose that connects to radiator if needed.
9. Connect upper radiator hose back to engine.
10. Run car until thermostat opens (could be a while as mine is a 212 degree thermostat).
11. Let car cool and add fluid to overflow tank if needed.
With that procedure, I was able to completely fill the coolant system (btw - about 5 gallons) and she'll run forever now without going into the mode described above.

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