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Cooling Problems - Should I buy FFR Radiator?

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Cars runs hot. I put in a 160degree thermostat hoping to bring down temp but it's not helping. Car still hovers in the 190 to 195 range.

Trying to get a Degas tank to resolve possible air bubble problem.

I've toyed with buying the FFR 2 row but my current radiator is a new aluminum 2 row for a 1989 mustang so I'm not thinking the $300 spent would be beneficial.

Any thoughts on what could be causing the higher temp?

Thank You
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FORD color coding

hasn't changed in fifty plus years.
R/W (red with white) means that the main body of the wire is RED and there is a WHITE tracer (thinner) stripe on it.

W/R (white with red) means that the main body of the wire is WHITE and there is a RED tracer (thinner) stripe on it.

The first color in the code is always the main body color . . .
This holds true throughout all of FORD's wiring, no matter what the color combination is.

Your EFI harness has two coolant temp wires in it, one is for your gauge, the other is for EEC sensing. EFI needs the one for the EEC to be able to "enrich" the mixture when cold and lean it out when the engine warms up to normal operating temp, around 195° (factory).


Doc :beerchug:
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