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Cooling Problems - Should I buy FFR Radiator?

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Cars runs hot. I put in a 160degree thermostat hoping to bring down temp but it's not helping. Car still hovers in the 190 to 195 range.

Trying to get a Degas tank to resolve possible air bubble problem.

I've toyed with buying the FFR 2 row but my current radiator is a new aluminum 2 row for a 1989 mustang so I'm not thinking the $300 spent would be beneficial.

Any thoughts on what could be causing the higher temp?

Thank You
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190-195 is fine, that's not hot.
at 200 and 205ish, I have electrical problems where if I turn the car off it will not restart until fully cooled. This has left me stranded for hours, literally. I believe its a distributor issue and being to hot. This is why I am thinking my noted temps were to high.
i wish I could tell you a lot but the most I can tell you is: Art at WireDiet dieted my harness, it is from a Cypress donor pallet. It is from a 1989 mustang GT. I have SpeedHut gauges.

Stock 1989 Mustang GT 302 EFI with the stock T5 tranny.
Temp sensor: the stock sensor/probe was unconnected from the top of the manifold. The SpeedHut gauge probe was screwed into its place. The stock one was left unconnected. Im thinking I made a mistake since youre bringing it up.

Air sensor - by any chance do you mean the O2 sensor on the j pipe? No this was not new either.

Gordan, thank you for you help here
Im going to go stick my head in the toilet and flush it. Then Im going to go reinstall the stock water temp line.

Not that you can find a real pizza in AZ but Gordon tell me your favorite pizza place by you and Im going to send you one. I would order some parts from you but I can't think of anything I need right now.

However Frank Jr. Calabrese (Family Secrets Trial)is reported to be working in a pizza shop in Az while hiding in the witness protection program, you might be able to get a decent pizza from him.
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Color Question:

#11 is R/W - red wire with a white line? Or red line on a white wire?

Note wire #10, Ford couldnt of made it tuffer
After further inspection, I have found that the heater delete hose was not correct and actually pinched in the middle thus causing no coolant to flow past the sensor. Ive ordered the correct one from Breeze. It also sounds like I need to reinstall the 180degree thermostat and will get one of those this weekend.

I could still replace the sensors as mentioned by Gordon but I believe Ive found the major culprit.
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