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Convert from Powerdyne to Vortech??

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I have been thinking of converting my 9# boost (only driven on Sundays to the gas station and back :rolleyes: ) Powerdyne supercharger over to a Vortech.

Any one have an idea of what would be needed? It looks like the brackets are interchangable(?)

I already have all the needed upgrades, fuel, ignition, etc. I think all I need to do is replace the supercharger head, add a oil line, and fire it up??

Worth changing or not worth the bother??
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If you are going bigger get the powerdyne gear driven unit, it will make 18psi, and you can keep your brackets, it's just a head unit swap.

It would be easier and cheaper, and this unit will make the hp as a vortech.
Actually you can look at the october 2002 edition of Fast fords & MM they took a 302 with afr heads and made 594 hp with only 9.9lbs of boost.

They did a r-trim which made 638hp with 13.8 lbs of boost.

Adding about 10-12hp per lb of boost you are looking at the same hp as the vortech R-Trim.

So go with the powerdyne, and if it works let me know and I will switch to the XB1A too.
I am not positive but I know they have a 13lb pulley and a 15lb, but I bet they have few choices with this new guy.
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