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Link to us and win a 3-link!

We're having a contest. We will be giving away a 3-link (or simular value if you already have a 3-link).

If you have a build site, all you have to do is put a link to www.ffcars.com and www.factoryfive.com and let us know your web address by responding here.

We'll then go through the sites and make sure we can find the links, then put your name in a drawing. So your site doesn't have to be the best to win.

Offical rules:
1.) Your build site has to have a link to www.ffcars.com and www.factoryfive.com .
2.) We must be able to find these links by going to the front page of your site or by going to the front page and then finding a way to navagate to your links. Like a "links" page or something.
3.) Your site must be dedicted to your FFR build, your FFR car, or your future build ideas.
4.) You must submit your web page to this thread so we can review your site.
5.) We will put all verified sites into a hat and select a random winner.
6.) The contest begins now. We'll see how the posts go here and figure out when we have everyone entered. Then we'll draw the name. Don't delay, post your site now. We will end this contest without notice once we feel the posts have slowed down. I figure it will take a couple of weeks.
7.) The winner will receive a new 3-link kit from FFR. If you have a 3-link, tell me what you want from FFR for the same value and I'll get it for you.

Thanks and good luck!

PS - We're doing this because we have noticed several members have websites without links to our site! Maybe this will help?

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Well, I'm in the process of revamping what's going to be my FINAL FFR Build website(when does it stop?), I wasn't going to release it until later but you are forcing me to post it here, From the beginning I had links to FactoryFive.com and FFCars.com in my original site.
As I said I'm gathering all the pictures and stuff I have related to my build and will be putting them together in here:
You can find the links page by clicking links in the upper right corner. I also added Chat Rooms!
(tell me what you think)(I'm still working on making all the pages)
Brand New site!

I sure could use a 3-link in my Car.

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