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Congrats To Brian Dinsmore!

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A big congratulations to Brian Dinsmore for running a 10.74, 1/4 mile time. Speed was 123 something. There is a video of the run, and he pulls the front wheels off the ground in 1st and 2nd. What a beast!

Comon' Brian, post the video!

FFR 1776-II
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Congratulations Brian. You laid down a great run. Your ET and MPH are almost perfectly matched indicating you were really hooking up (not to mention the 1st and second gear wheelstands ;) . What did you change in your setup to drop from 11.20 to 10.74? I'm guessing you weigh around 2350 with you in the car so you're getting around 335HP out of your 289. Am I close? Would you mind sharing a little more about your combination? eg: heads, cam, C.R., carb, rear tire size, etc.
Again, congratulations you've got a really sweet running Cobra.
Gary Yeah it was definitly slicks!

Frank Thanks for the nice comments! The biggest differences between the two et's is me. I went the 11.19 on the second pass on the car last oct 28th. The next pass I broke an axle [28 spline]Never got any seat time again til the other day. Differences in car are 31 spline axles w 4.11's vs 3.89's and open headers. Seat time has made the most difference. I've never had a car this fast and its been years since any racing. The weight is 2370 with me in it. I believe I am making more like 360-370 at the rear wheels. Your 340 would be correct normally but for some reason the car is not mph'ing at the top end. Aerodynamics? I coming thru the 1/8th between 100-101 mph. I should be seeing 125-126 I feel. I'm looking at fuel pressure etc.

289 hi-po block, Boss steel crank/rods, J302 heads, victor jr w 750 holley. mech.roller cam [email protected] 586 lift 110 lc [small] 9.6 comp.ratio., I would love to up the compression and go to a bigger cam but I want to keep it streetable. I believe this combo is good for 10.5's when I work it a little more. I use a tremec w mid/shift kit. Tires are M/T 26x10.5's, skinnies up front. Here are some pictures http://www.clubphoto.com/_cgi-bin/members/edit_album.pl?id=675275 Brian

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Sorry Brian, but if it wasn't for the rear coilovers that I sold you a few years back, I think you would still be in the 13's :D :D :D :D

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Gary, What else do you have for sale? I want to go in the 9's :eek: Brian
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It's an addiction Brian. An addiction I tell ya ;) .

9's No Problem Brian!!!!!! I have a Lokar floor mounted gas pedal that I never used. :D
just wondering if you could tell me what size slicks and wheels offset also please. also if you did anything to the rear end width wise!!

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You indicated you were using a midshift Tremec. Where did you get the shifter for that setup and what did it cost you? It's my understanding that you can't just relocate the factory shifter to the mid location.
Kevin... I have a 9" rear from Moser to the reg. FOX width. Wheels are Weld 15x10's w 6.5" b.s. Tires 26 x 10.5 Mickey Thompson ET Drag's.

Frank... I bought my Tremec from Mike Forte [highly recomended] I ordered it with the midshift kit and a .83 overdrive. Its been great so far. Contact Mike... he has a banner ad here on the forum.
Originally posted by Qwik 1:
] I ordered it with the midshift kit and a .83 overdrive. Its been great so far. Contact Mike... he has a banner ad here on the forum.
What is a midshift kit.????

Earl on Tremecs there are actually three posable shifter positions where the shifter exits the transmission. Mine is the midshift position. Works out perfect for my cobra.
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