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I'm thinking of going with the complete Mk4 kit over the base kit but wanted to ask a couple of questions. The main reason for the complete kit is simply time. My partner in crime and the guy funding the whole thing is only available in June. With only a month to build the kit and not having to completely tear down the donor car would save a lot of time. I have a complete salvaged 2001 Ford Mustang GT as a donor car. Got it for a song from a friend whose kid killed it shortly after a complete rebuild. Mostly sheet metal damage but the insurance totaled it so I had him buy it back as salvage. Sweet! Now my questions:

1.) Is my thought process correct, buying the complete kit will save me lots of time do to less tear down of the donor car?

2.) When they say complete, do they mean complete? As in all I need are; Engine, Transmission, Rear End with Rear Brakes
Wheels, Tires, and Fuel pump. Nothing else is required except those options listed on the order form?

3.) The listing of what you get doesn't mention things like; engine wiring harness, steering wheel, seat belts...etc. Are there these things included or I will still need to buy them?

As I mentioned I'm looking for the simplest approach. I have about one month to build it and he's paying. I'd hate to have the whole build put on hold because of something simple. No paint is not included in the time but that part he doesn't have to participate in.

Thank you,


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I have almost completed my Mark IV complete Kit. I took delivery on Feb 21. I was held up slightly because of items that were on back order.
Axles for IRS
Side pipes
Driver's side roll bar
Improper Ball Joints sent

Still have not received the roll bar or side pipes

No one thing was an issue, but together added another month and counting to my build.

With the complete kit you do have everything you need to complete the project with except to the items you listed; Engine, Transmission, Rear End with Rear Brakes, Wheels, Tires, and Fuel pump.

Yes you will receive engine wiring harness, steering wheel, seat belts, carpet, seats gauges, switches and many other stuff.

Remember, you are building a CAR. Not everything will fit together perfectly. I had to fabercate a spacer the the transmission mount for instance to bring the trans square and level with the differential.

A month is tight but if you plan things out and you have everthing you need I feel it could be done. I do not feel I rushed through my build either. I did have a good friend helping me as well. I took two weeks off of work and just plotted through it. I aslo had a lot of extra custom items included.
Power Steering
Hydroboost brake system
IRS rear and Wilwood brake system
Mass-flo fuel injector system
FFR Heater
Cobra Earls Foot box Vents
Hydraulic Clutch
Mid-Shift T-5 / S-10 Mod.
Powder Coated engine aluminum panels

Here is a link to my build

Let me know if I can help in any way

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No, you will not get an engine harness. The Ron Francis harness that is included with the complete kit is set up for a carbureted configuration. It will serve your needs for the lighting, gauges, charging (with modifications if you are using anything other than a 2G), etc. but will not directly support the 4.6 without marrying it to the Mustang's engine harness and ECU or using an aftermarket one. The EFI harness offered by FFR is for a Fox 5.0 system and will not be compatible. Check with Francis; they may offer a stand alone 4.6 harness that can be coupled to the chassis harness. Another option is to pull the entire Mustang harness and send it to Art at WireDiet.com.

Yes, the Complete Kit is very complete but if you only have one month it will be a full time job that will require you to do lots of research and pre-planning to have everything that is not included or is on your "nice to have" option list on hand when the kit arrives. As mentioned FFR backorders could be a spoiler for your timeframe---I did a Mk4 for a customer and had the entire chassis done with all the wiring in place and the drivetrain installed but couldn't put it on the ground because the wheels were on BO for 21 weeks.

Good luck with your project!


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My partner in crime and the guy funding the whole thing is only available in June. With only a month to build the kit and not having to completely tear down the donor car would save a lot of time.
It is extremely ambitious to try to get a build done in a month. Not impossible, but very difficult. The floy in the ointment may be backordered parts. It is very common for FFR to backorder parts for weeks to months knowing that it will take at least that amount of time before the parts are typically needed. If you truly do intend to get the build done in a month, it might be worht your while to call FFR prior to placing your order to make sure that no parts will be backordered.

Edit: D'oh. I guess I should read the other responses before chiming in. I guess it can't hurt to reinforce points though...

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